A historical novel series
by Gordon Buttars

Geannie Curly Ramona

Flyboy is a twelve volume historical novel of one man's journey through life, interwoven into the times in which he lived. It is a tale of love and life, tragedy and war. Sheffield “Curly” Brason always seemed to be in the right place as he relied on his faith in God to get him through, whether it was his family or his career as naval officer and aviator. The events and occasions throughout his life prepared him and led him to eventually finding the gospel and joining the church and put him on a path of faithful service for the remainder of his life.
Volume 1: Geannie
Volume 2: Highs and Lows
Volume 3: The Clouds of War
Volume 4: Healing a Broken Heart
Volume 5: Letting Go
Volume 6: To Love Again
Volume 7: New Beginnings
Volume 8: Answers
Volume 9: Duty Calls
Volume 10: Natural Born Leader
Volume 11: Mililani
Volume 12: Patriarch

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