Volume 8


by Gordon Buttars

         Volume 8 – Answers takes place between August 1947 and June 1950. Stunned by Geannie's appearing to them late one evening, Sheffield and Ramona were even mored perplexed by the brief message she had for them. A chain of miraculous events set them on the path to finding the answers to Geannie's questions. Ever since the birth and death of Charles Emmett, Geannie had questions that no one could answer for her, not even a thorough study of the Bible. Her searching only led to more questions and interesting insights that went against the things she had been taught and believed all of her life. She went to her grave never able to satisfy her quest for answers. And now she had told them the answers would find them. The very next day, a wedding announcement from Morris Gover, Sheffield's former personal assistant, was the key to unlocking the mystery. A trip to Utah for the wedding led them to the source of her answers, in an unlikely place, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Mormons, of all people. Previously the Brasons had met some Mormons when Sheffield's niece married into a Mormon family.
         Upon returning home, they began an earnest investigation and found what Geannie had been looking for and accepted it after having the truthfulness of the gospel confirmed to them. They fully embraced their newfound faith and completely immersed themselves in it. Shortly afterwards all of Sheffield's and Geannie's families also embraced it. The only change was they now attended another church, one they fit right in with since they were accustomed to attending church and living by Christian principles. Not only did they have what truth they already had, but now they had the fullness of the gospel and all of its blessings.
         Other than that, life continued pretty much as it had. Sheffield still coached wrestling and taught government while Ramona bought and sold property as they raised their family. Their lives included the mundane of everyday living along with the unexpected. A year and a half after joining the Church, the Brasons and Austins made a trip to Salt Lake City as a group to receive the blessings of the temple. Now that Sheffield and Ramona had found it, Geaanie finally had it too.
         Later that year they made another trip out west to bring Craig to Ricks College. While in the area they made a point to visit what Yellowstone National Park had to offer. All settled into their new careers, their new family, and their new church, unforeseen world events left them wondering what lay in store for the nation, their family, and Sheffield in particular.

Chapter I Looking For It August 4 – 27, 1947 Page 1
Chapter II Finding It August 27, 1947 – August 30, 1947 Page 15
Chapter III Embracing It August 30, 1947 – September 6, 1947 Page 31
Chapter IV Meeting the Mormons September 7, 1947 – September 11, 1947 Page 45
Chapter V Knowing It September 11, 1947 – October 25, 1947 Page 57
Chapter VI All Dressed in White October 26, 1947 – November 1, 1947 Page 71
Chapter VII Life Was Good November 2, 1947 – January 22, 1948 Page 85
Chapter VIII Ramona's Pioneer Story January 23, 1948 – September 6, 1948 Page 97
Chapter IX In the Right Place September 7, 1948 – January 22, 1949 Page 109
Chapter X Book Deal January 22, 1949 – April 1, 1949 Page 121
Chapter XI Salt Lake City April 2, 1949 – June 1, 1949 Page 133
Chapter XII Together Forever December 7, 1941 – June 1 – 4, 1949 Page 145
Chapter XIII Rexburg June 4, 1949 – August 27, 1949 Page 161
Chapter XIV In the Blink of an Eye August 27, 1949 – June 25, 1950 Page 175

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