Volume 9

A New War

by Gordon Buttars

         Volume 9 – Duty Calls takes place between June 1950 and June 1953. With the outbreak of the Korean War, Sheffield follows the events from the homefront knowing there is a good chance that he will be recalled to active duty. When it comes a year later, he answers the call, leaving Ramona and his family to once again serve his country. Before leaving he makes arrangements with the school district for both the wrestling team and his government classes to be covered in his absence. While he is away, Ramona and the girls manage without him and life goes on, keeping in touch through the mail.
         Sheffield sails off to war, picking up where he left off five years earlier. When is flagship is damaged in a landing accident, he transfers his flag to his old ship and continues the fight against communist expansion. In a letter from home, he learns of the passing of his father and is not able to go home for his funeral. However, Ramona sends him a tape recording of the service.
         While sending men off on missions against the enemy, he has the opportunity to do some missionary work while participating in the shipboard servicemen's group. Returning to Yokosuka, Japan, on Christmas Eve, he is surprised to find that Ramona and the girls came to spend Christmas with him before he goes back to the war.
         After a year away, he is reassigned to Washington, D.C. to work on a project that had become his passion ever since the landing accident. Being so close to home he was able to commute back and forth and spend time with his family on the weekends. Now he is back in the States, he has the opportunity to attend the ten-year reunion of the Reprisal.
         One weekend Sheffield and Ramona fly to Texas to see Harvey. While there, Ramona goes to see her Grandmother Tallula, only to learn that she had passed away three months earlier. They give her a box containing Tallula's belongings, which contained information about her mysterious grandfather, among other treasures. While Sheffield is assigned to Washington, Ramona came to spend a few days with him. She has him take her to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to see if she can learn more about Colonel Douglas, her grandfather. After finding his grave and a trip to the public library, Ramona locates one of his daughters and pays her a visit. Ramona is able to shed light on a mystery puzzling the Douglas family as well as discover the missing piece of her own heritage.
         Once the project he was working on was complete, the next phase was a deployment to the Mediterranean to test the concept, so Sheffield goes to sea once more. While he is away, his first grandchild is born. During a port call in Naples, Italy, midway through the cruise, Ramona joins him for a week. En route home after the deployment, word comes that the war is over. Now he can go home to his family and his second career for good.

Chapter I On the Homefront June 26, 1950 – December 31, 1950 Page 1
Chapter II Answering the Call January 1, 1951 – May 31, 1951 Page 12
Chapter III Assuming Command June 1, 1951 – July 3, 1951 Page 31
Chapter IV Traditions July 4, 1951 – September 16, 1951 Page 43
Chapter V Farewell Emmett September 16, 1951 – October 24, 1951 Page 57
Chapter VI When in Rome October 24, 1951 – December 24, 1951 Page 69
Chapter VII Rendezvous in Tokyo December 24, 1951 – January 1, 1952 Page 81
Chapter VIII Rules of Engagement January 1, 1952 – February 9, 1952 Page 91
Chapter IX Missions February 5, 1952 – May 13, 1952 Page 105
Chapter X A Few Days At Home April 30, 1952 – May 18, 1952 Page 117
Chapter XI Trials May 19, 1952 – May 31, 1952 Page 127
Chapter XII Respect, Pride, Solidarity, Loyalty June 1, 1952 – June 8, 1952 Page 141
Chapter XIII Skaddywhompus June 9, 1952 – July 2, 1952 Page 153
Chapter XIV Finding Colonel Douglas July 3, 1952 – December 31, 1952 Page 167
Chapter XV I Like Ike January 1, 1953 – March 28, 1953 Page 183
Chapter XVI Little Geannie March 28, 1953 – June 1, 1953 Page 195
Chapter XVII Rendezvous in Naples June 1, 1953 – June 6, 1953 Page 209
Chapter XVIII Armistice June 7, 1953 – July 27, 1953 Page 221

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