Volume 11


by Gordon Buttars

         Volume 11 – Mililani takes place between July 1, 1964 and June 30, 1967. After retiring from their second careers, Sheffield and Ramona had planned to do some traveling. Those plans changed abruptly when they answered yet another call, a call they willingly accepted, a call to return to Paradise and preside over the Hawaii Mission of the Church.
         Situated in the Nuuanu Valley just three miles northeast of downtown Honolulu is a three-story mansion built in 1922 referred to by the Hawaiian saints as Mililani – which means a song of praise to the Lord. Purchased by the Church in 1957, Mililani served as the home for the Hawaii Mission. Upon their arrival, Sheffield and Ramona settled in and, with the assistance of Elders Matteson and Shumway, went to work.
         The first thing they do is take a tour of the mission before getting into the routine of conferences, transfers, and the other duties of running the mission. However, it is anything but routine, with the associated problems and challenges that always seem to arise. It was one thing or another as Sheffield learned to expect the unexpected. There were the misadventures of the missionaries; whether it was being in the wrong place at the wrong time, using poor judgment, or the personal problems they brought with them. There were life and death situations from a bee sting, to a jump shot gone wrong, to a tropical storm, to a kidnapping, and even to commanding the elements.
         Not only did Sheffield preside over the missionaries in the mission but also the members of the branches and districts on Hawaii, Maui, and Kauai. He and Ramona quickly grew to love the saints, including the members of the stakes on Oahu, as they met with them frequently in conferences and on other occasions.
         There were visits from the Brethren from Salt Lake, their family back home, old friends, and visitors from afar. They even have to make a quick trip home to attend a funeral. They especially anticipated the visits from the kids and grandkids each year at Christmas. In addition to going to their favorite places, they discover the Islands as they never had before and make a host of new friends. With Sheffield's military background, he made it a point to be involved with the Latter-day Saint servicemen stationed at the military installations on Oahu or in transit to and from the war in Viet Nam.
         Their missionary efforts didn't end with supervising the missionaries as they had opportunities to be personally involved with bringing people into the church or strengthening those whose faith was weak. They were always looking for their own missionary opportunities.
         In between traveling to and from meetings throughout the islands, meeting the missionaries, members, and servicemen, and the business of directing the mission, Sheffield and Ramona made time for each other since first and foremost they were a couple.
         From the first time they walked in the door at Mililani, until the last time they walked out three years later, they put their heart and souls into their mission, which they would always remember as one of the best times of their lives. Now they were going home, they could spend time with the kids and grandkids and enjoy their retirement.

Chapter I Welcome to Mililani July 1, 1964 Page 1
Chapter II Mission Tour July 2, 1964 – July 12, 1964 Page 15
Chapter III Settling In July 13, 1964 – August 2, 1964 Page 29
Chapter IV All Settled In August 3, 1964 – August 31, 1964 Page 43
Chapter V The Big Island September 1, 1964 – September 6, 1964 Page 57
Chapter VI The Light in Their Eyes September 7, 1964 – October 31, 1964 Page 69
Chapter VII Shenan's Dying Wish November 1, 1964 – November 30, 1964 Page 85
Chapter VIII Mele Kalikimaka December 1, 1964 – January 3, 1965 Page 97
Chapter IX Disgraced Lady Missionary January 3, 1965 – February 12, 1965 Page 109
Chapter X Miracle at Keaau February 12, 1965 – February 23, 1965 Page 121
Chapter XI Inspection Tour February 23, 1965 – April 3, 1965 Page 133
Chapter XII He Who Commands the Sea April 3, 1965 – June 23, 1965 Page 147
Chapter XIII Ramona's Ordeal June 24, 1965 – July 12, 1965 Page 159
Chapter XIV Visitors from Afar July 12, 1965 – July 31, 1965 Page 173
Chapter XV Paradise Hawaiian Style August 1, 1965 – August 31, 1965 Page 185
Chapter XVI A Quick Trip Home September 1, 1965 – September 6, 1965 Page 197
Chapter XVII One Thing or Another September 7, 1965 – December 24, 1965 Page 209
Chapter XVIII Over the Hump December 24, 1965 – February 26, 1966 Page 221
Chapter XIX Routine February 26, 1966 – June 18, 1966 Page 233
Chapter XX Expect the Unexpected June 22, 1966 – August 19, 1966 Page 245
Chapter XXI Babysitting August 19, 1966 – September 24, 1966 Page 259
Chapter XXII A Trip Down Memory Lane September 25, 1966 – November 26, 1966 Page 273
Chapter XXIII Remember Pearl Harbor November 26, 1966 – January 2, 1967 Page 287
Chapter XXIV Running Out of Time January 2, 1967 – February 28, 1967 Page 301
Chapter XXV Ordeal in Kahili March 1, 1967 – March 18, 1967 Page 313
Chapter XXVI Down to the Wire March 19, 1967 – July 1, 1967 Page 327

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