Have you ever gazed into the heavens on a starry night and contemplated the worlds without end created by the hand of God? Have you wondered about the inhabitants thereof who are His begotten sons and daughters?
     Not very far away, nearly twenty-six trillion miles, is Alpha Centauri A, a star slightly larger than our sun, and its companion stars Alpha Centauri B, a Proxima Centauri. To the inhabitants of a world about the size of Mars, it is referred to as Astrum, and its companions as Cobal and Traon. This world, known as Avon, is a satellite of a ringed, blue, gas giant called Sentos. The Avonians, like those who populate the worlds without end, including you and me, are the children of the same Heavenly Father.
     This is the parallel stories two people, both single parents, facing the challenges commonly experienced by human beings on earth. One is in need of being forgiven for his sins, the other is in need of forgiving someone who has wronged her. Each find forgiveness and healing through the Savior's infinite Atonement.
     Nairod became angry with God when a blessing he sought in pure faith was not realized. Rather than accept God's will, he turned away from what he had known to be true. Struggling to raise his children alone, with the help of his mother, and run his farm, Nairod's downward spiral continued until he came to himself just short of doing something utterly worse, only to be severely injured in a viscous attack while in the act of humbly calling on God for forgiveness. Through the power, mercy, and grace of God, his broken body and spirit were miraculously healed and he received a complete remission of his sins.
     Anirbas suffered emotional abuse before the ultimate betrayal; leaving her and her three young children without a home. Her parents took them in so she could begin to rebuild her life but resentment and bitterness kept her from moving on. Stubbornly refusing to forgive, she foolishly thought she was making her offender suffer for the damage done to her self esteem and confidence. It wasn't until her hard heart cost her the love of another, not once but twice, that she sought forgiveness for herself and finally gave her pain and tears to the Savior and was set free by forgiving.
     Their society is similar to a recent period in earth's history, but being another world the names of people, places, and things are different. Dates, time (including age), money, distance, and area are measured differently, all of which is explained in the appendix. Although the story takes place on another world, it is neither science fiction with aliens, nor fantasy with mystical creatures and magical powers..

Table of Contnents
Chapter   1 1   Chapter 12 141
Chapter   2 13   Chapter 13 156
Chapter   3 25   Chapter 14 170
Chapter   4 37   Chapter 15 182
Chapter   5 51   Chapter 16 196
Chapter   6 64   Chapter 17 208
Chapter   7 78   Chapter 18 220
Chapter   8 89   Chapter 19 233
Chapter   9 101   Chapter 20 244
Chapter 10 115   Chapter 21 256
Chapter 11 127   Chapter 22 270
Epilogue 280
Appendix 283

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