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In the Right Place
A tetralogy of historical novels
by Gordon Buttars

In the Right Place is the four volume historical novel of one man's journey through life. It is a tale of love and life, tragedy and war. Sheffield Brason always seemed to be in the right place at the right time as he relied on his faith in God to get him through, whether it was his family or his career as naval aviator and officer.

After forty years, he is faced with grieving the loss of family while fighting a war. In picking up the pieces, he learns to love again and like Job, has what he lost restored to him. In the process he finds the answers of the questions that he and his late wife had been searching for since the death of their infant son that no one was able to satisfy. Her main concern was, “Will we have claim to each other and our children after this life?” His new found faith set the tone for the rest of his live and that of his family

Set during the first eight decades of the twentieth century, his story is woven through the fabric of the changing times in which he lived and the places and circumstances that he found himself in.

Book I: Remembering Geannie
Book II: The Business of War
Book III: New Beginnings
Book IV: A Growing Family

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