Beneath Gunsight is the story of Henry Gover, his second chance at life and the family he never would have had. Growing up in the harsh frontier conditions of the 1870s in Cache Valley, Utah as a struggling teenager Henry loses his way and nearly his life. With a new lease on life he settles down to raise a family.

No longer shaped by the difficulties of the 1870s, the 1880s have their own setbacks and miracles: a change of occupation, a debilitating illness, persecution and being separated from his family.

The 1890s have their own challenges when Henry is called to leave his successful farming operation and his family to serve a mission in England, a sacrifice that is not without its blessings.

If you enjoyed “Muddy” and “River” by Dean Hughes, you will want to read the Beneath Gunsight Trilogy. So harness the horses, hitch up the carriage and come along for the ride beneath Gunsight Peak.

(Disclaimer: Although the story includes the controversial subject of plural marriage, it in no way promotes the practice. It is simply a fact of the times and setting.)

Beneath Gunsight
The 1870s

  In the spring of 1870 Henry Gover, a lad of twelve, moved with his family from the Salt Lake Valley to Clarkston, a new community home to a handful of hearty Mormon pioneers.

Henry loses his way during his teenage years, not appreciating the sacrifice his parents made to join the Church and leave England to settle in the Territory of Utah.

As a result of his reckless behavior Henry should have been dead, yet he lived. His brush with death, the teachings of his parents, and an encounter with Martin Harris cause him to turn his life around.

With a new lease on life, Henry starts a successful freight business. When at the age of twenty he asks for the hand of pretty Martha Goodey, who once hated him with a passion, Henry gets more than he bargained for.

~ ~ ~

Beneath Gunsight
The 1880s

  Now that the railroad moved goods and people between Cache Valley and Salt Lake City, the territory and the east long-haul teamsters now competed for the short hauls, cutting into Henry’s business. Feeling the squeeze he turns to farming to support himself, his wives Mary and Martha, and their children.

Mary seeks relief from the effects of multiple sclerosis while Martha, who is barren, prays for a miracle. Will Mary find relief? Will Martha have her miracle?

Having two wives, Henry is the target of the relentless US marshals in their hunt to bring “cohabs” to justice and he goes into hiding. Getting word of Mary’s worsening condition, should he risk getting caught by going to her? He had gotten away with it once, could he do it again? Is it worth going to prison for?

~ ~ ~

Beneath Gunsight
The 1890s

  Henry is called to leave his successful farming operation and his family to serve a mission in England.

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