The Forgotten Carrier

 The carrier war of the Second World War was fought by the brave men who sailed aboard or flew from the magnificent aircraft carriers of the US Navy. Their names are etched in history: Enterprise, Yorktown, Hornet, Saratoga, Lexington, Essex, and the list goes on. Their names stir feelings of pride at the mention of their names.

This is the story of one such great ship. One that served and fought with honor and distinction but is seldom mentioned. This is the story of the USS Reprisal: The Forgotten Carrier.

As the only combat capable fleet carrier in the Atlantic, she took the war to the enemy in the Bay of Biscay, the South Atlantic, the North Atlantic, the Arctic Ocean, and the Mediterranean. Later she was the only combat capable fleet carrier in the Seventh Fleet and finally joined the vast armada of the Third Fleet in the waters off Japan.

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