The Fog

(October 26, 2022)


  The sun was just coming up. I really couldn’t tell because of being trapped in the concrete jungle, but there were tell-tale signs outside the window of my fourteenth floor flat.

It promised to be a great day! They were announcing the promotions and I was a shoe in.

I had the TV on listening to a cable news show. I don’t go for the mainstream networks—too biased. I get my news from what I felt was a more reliable source.

Just as I was ready to leave a special alert bulletin came on. In my hurry to leave, I almost turned it off. But the bulletin declared a city-wide emergency telling everyone to shelter in place.

So much for getting to work, so I put down my briefcase and listened to what was happening. The reporter said a thick toxic fog was enveloping the city, the source was uncertain. Looking out my window I could see it drifting through the street.

“Unconfirmed reports say it is coming in from offshore,” said the announcer. “Wait! I’ve just been handed a bulletin. The pentagon confirms it to be a chemical attack!”

As the fog penetrated my apartment I began chocking. I can’t breath. Everything is going dark. I’m being pulled into a bright light. . . .

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