The Museum

(January 25, 2023)


  As the curator of the Hebrew Historical Museum in Jerusalem I made the rounds one evening after closing. While walking through the ancient records section I noticed the lock on one of the display cases was askew but nothing seemed out of place.

Moving on, I got a nagging feeling that I needed to double check. Fear gripped my heart as I raced to the alarm to summon the police. By the time they arrived I had determined that the missing document was supposed to have been written by Mahataniah, a sworn enemy of King Solomon and the Kingdom of Judah. Fortunately he had been caught and executed before he could carry out his plans and the document was locked away.

Having studied it when I first came to the museum I knew that it contained detailed information on what was certain to be the undoing of civilized society as we know it.

But who took it? There were no finger prints or other forensic evidence. Whoever it was was extremely sophisticated and knew exactly what they were after. Even more frightening they most likely knew what to do with it.

Because of the sensitivity of the information contained in the missing document, I held back the details. It could not me made public or certain panic would ensue.

There were no leads in the case for the next several months, but when high profile world officials began dying mysteriously I knew things had been set in motion and it would only be a matter of time before nations would crumble.

But they had missed one very important document; a prophecy revealing who was behind it and how to stop them. Further, it revealed who was to do it. Fear like I had ever known gripped my heart because it was me! It would be a dangerous undertaking. Knowing I would succeed I prepared to embark on my mission, a mission that would take everything I had and more.

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